SBA Helps Small Businesses Grow

What does City National Bank offer to small business owners? SBA programs are many and varied, and the qualifications for each are specific. CNB...


Social Media Prideful Tips:

How does a small business stand with PRIDE in today’s social media environment? Below, are some tips on how to do it successfully: Get...


PrEParing for an HIV-free Generation

A colleague of mine, also a pharmacist, conducted an HIV support group earlier this month. Each of the 10 participants is on antiretroviral (ARV)...


Art as an Investment

In times where the Federal Reserve is still keeping interest rates on the low, most trusted financial instruments (CDs, 401Ks, bonds, shares, etc.) are...


Wealth Management for Same-Sex Couples

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the United States Constitution guarantees a right to same- sex marriage. This groundbreaking...


SoBe to the Upper East Side with Pride

Sometimes inaccessibility leads you where you are actually meant to be. I do believe that things always end up how they should, knowingly or unknowingly...


Destination Pride 2016

On the cover: PRIDE PARADE, 2015 – MIAMI BEACH Photos courtesy of photographer Juan Saco Mironoff


Spotlight Interview: Lizette Garcia

We always start our interviews by asking you to provide us with a bit of personal background. I am a Miami native. “American made...